duminică, 20 septembrie 2009

Este, oare , pisica un tigru de salon in miniatura?
O intrebare pe care am intalnit-o prima data la Neruda.
Ma simt foarte singura!
Chiar daca ti-am zis ca voi fi langa tine atata timp cat iti doresti. Voi fi, nu conteza, voi clocai in singurataea mea si voi avea puterea sa te incurajez, sa vorbesc , sa rad. Sufletul meu plange!
Sunt un izvor de lacrimi, singura supravietuire sunt visele. Chiar daca in ceasul asta plang o sa am taria sa imi sterg lacrimile , sa imi pun o masca si sa pasesc increzatoare. De altfel sa visez!

vineri, 18 septembrie 2009

few words...

A short conversation on messenger between me and Him


• ok didn't you know that people hide love like a flower too precious to be picked?
• behind every great woman is a guy looking at her ass

• we are ONLY deceived by infatuation and blinded by lust

• does your room really have a view or even a window to look through?

• all I want is for you to look inside of you
Me: its difficult
• : don't be afraid to walk through the door belive it or not you've opened

• : carl jung, I really read him, he said
• : I simply belive that some part of the human Self or Soul is not subject to the laws of space and time
I believe that the soul consists of its sufferings
• : for the soul that cures its own sufferings dies
Me: tu sau Young aveti dreptate totala
• : carl jung era nebun
Me: ma gandeam si la asta
• : you have to be there at one stage in your life I mean pshyco to be able to understand
Me: I still think of expectations
• : dear
• : expect nothing live frugally on surprise
Me: but you plant a tree with the hope that it will grow
• : ahhahhahahaha
• : about the tree
• : Climate is what we expect weather is what we get
• : una de a lui Mark Twain

• dear love is an emotion experienced by the many and enjoy by the few:just you and me to the sea
• : to the sea
• :dear there is only ONE happiness in life to love and be loved
Me: I am totalyy agree with this
• : you know what dear
• : If I know what love is it is because of you
• : nu stiu unde am auzit_o pe asta dar tre sa agreez ,am vocabular englez de agatzat

• :if sex is the question Yes is the answer sau
• If love is the answer could you rephrase the question?
Me: as putea incerca , dar eu sunt o fata de societate si nu intru in asemenea jocuri
• If love is blind why is lingerie so popular?
Me: for blind people
• : all generalizations are false including this one
• : all I want is a warm bed a kind word and unlimited power
don't take life seriously it isn't permanent
• every time I've built character i've regretted it
• : everyone is entitled to my opinion
few women admit their age few men act theirs

vineri, 4 septembrie 2009